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Binding Wire

Tie Wires

Tie wires for simple and quick fastening.

Iron wire, plastic-covered
Stainless steel wire

Common types for winegrowing & horticulture:

Plastic coated wires:
Types: 1.0/1.4 mm Ø or 1.2/1.6 mm Ø
Length: 8, 10, 12, 14 cm
Colour: green
Bundles of 1.000 pieces

Stainless steel:
Diameter: 1.0 mm Ø
Length: 8, 10, 12, 14 cm
Bundles of 1.000 pieces

In Tie Wires / Bag Closures you can find our whole delivery program of tie wires.

Tie Wires


Practical rolls with plastic coated or galvanized iron wire.

Standard colour of the plastic coated wires:


Diameter Material Make up Packaging unit
1.0 mm plastic-covered Rolls of 60 m 10 pieces
1.4 mm plastic-covered Rolls of 50 m 10 pieces
0.8 mm galvanized Rolls à 75 m 10 pieces
1.0 mm galvanized Rolls of 65 m 10 pieces
1.2 mm galvanized Rolls of 50 m 10 pieces
1.4 mm galvanized Rolls of 40 m 10 pieces

POROCO Binding Wire

Binding Wire with frothed up plastic-cover

light soft flexible no cutting in

Fixing of plants, flowers, perennials
Bundling up vegetables

0.6 / 2.0 mm

Make up:
Reels of 1,6 kg
Refill reels of 1,2 kg
Bundles of 0,5 kg
Rolls of 30 m or 100 m

Available colours:
orange, green

POROCO binding wire

Iron wire galvanized

suitable for use with mechanical or electromechanical binding tools.

0.4 mm Ø

Make up:
Plastic reels of 3 kg, 5 kg

Iron wire - galvanized